About Metaforms

What is Metaforms?

Metaforms is a specialized software solution developed by BGO software. This highly functioning Software as a Service solution aims to simplifying healthcare and clinical data collection. Metaforms provides secure and efficient online data collection, and meets any requirements in terms of features, capabilities, and integrations. Moreover it can adapt automatically and significantly reduce the data capturing time. This high-end web application can easily digitize your existing paper-based forms and export the collected data to various formats.

Metaform’s Advantages:

  •  It can be accessed directly from the browser on desktop and mobile devices.
  • The software allows conditional formatting by setting rules for showing or hiding form elements, pages, etc.
  • Creating groups and thus divide the roles and permissions of the people, who take part in the data collection process.
  • The system also enables voice typing, or in other words, requests can be navigated via voice input.
  • This powerful solution is focused on authentication and offers the opportunity for signing forms personally.
  • And many more …..

Who are we?

BGO Software is Microsoft Gold Partner, Progress Premier Partner, Business Partner of a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Corporation and Official Government Supplier for the Health Research Authority of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom.

We combine theory & practice, skills & latest technologies to bring innovation, flexibility & workflow optimization to the business environment of multiple companies in Healthcare and Big Pharma.

Metaforms is designed to improve your healthcare
and clinical data collection

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