Metaforms AI based digitization of paper forms

Metaforms is no code, AI powered data management solution with advanced capabilities for intelligent digitization of paper forms. Turn all your paper forms into actionable data in a blink. All data from existing paper sources will be automatically systemized into intelligent reports and analyzes.

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Use case scenarios

Analyze data from paper sources

Let's say you want to systemize and analyze all the data you have collected but the data is on paper forms. You have stack of documents with data but would take a significant amount of time to manually
input the data into an electronic data source. Not anymore…. With its
AI-based tool for instant digitalization of paper documents, Metaforms
makes this task easy and turn all your paper forms into actionable
data in a blink.

Digitize your paper forms and start collecting data online

Once digitized a paper form can be customised and used in various scenarios or projects. In less than 60 seconds you can have ready to go form and start using it immediately. All you need to do is scan or take
a shot of your paper forms and let AI make its magic.

Analyze results in dashboard Distribute forms to collect data Intelligent reporting on existing data from paper forms Customize your digital form through easy drag and drop tools The AI tool digitizes your form Upload your file in the web app Create your Metaforms account Take a photo of your paper form

More features

Metaforms is a highly-flexible software allowing dynamic
modelling in a simple and fast manner