Frequently Asked Questions

I see that your examples are mostly related to healthcare and clinical research. Can I use the platform in other industries?

Metaforms can be used to model and publish online any scenario involving the design and publishing of electronic forms. You can create an online CV, templates for offers, invoices, paid leave requests, protocols and more. Practically any document which has to be filled by people in your organization and then archived. The collected data can be downloaded, consumed by other systems or analyzed with your favorite tools.

Please contact us if you have a data collection scenario but still not sure if Metaforms is the right solution.

Can a user from my organization enter data using tablets and mobile phones?

Yes. Metaforms Navigator, our data entry app is mobile friendly by design. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS touchscreen devices. You can also sign documents using finger or electronic pen.

I have my forms on paper or electronic documents but I have difficulties where to start from. Can you guys help?

Of course. Please contact us at info@metaforms.org or our phone support. Our specialists will assist you with modelling your work process. We can also guide you through the Metaforms Manager functionalities using a shared screen.

How can I find the URL of my organization?

At Metaforms each organization has its own sub-domain hosted under metaforms.org. You should use https://[organization name].metaforms.org to reach your instance. For example if you work at Strawberry corp. the URL should be https://strawberry.metaforms.org. Also please check the e-mails you got from us while setting up your account, the URL is shown there as well. If you still can’t find it, please contact us.

I am planning to collect some sensitive data. How can you guarantee that it will be protected?

We are serious about data privacy and the negative impacts of any data breach. Our SaaS solution resides in secure data centers complying with ISO27001 and PCI. The software itself is designed to fulfill the requirements of GDPR and the US CIFR Part 11. Any organizations requiring even stronger data protection can use our on-premise solution and get Metaforms running from their own servers.