Metaforms - Healthcare and Clinical Data Collection Platform

Electronic quality diagnosis results of nCoV with Metaforms

Metaforms – Healthcare and Clinical Data Collection Platform:

BGO’s Dynamic Forms Building Software that implemented a secure exchange of application forms and results of laboratory tests.

This web-based software is a time- and cost-efficient solution, which improves the productivity of any Healthcare or Clinical Authority.

It enables an easy creation of dynamic forms and requests for clinical trials, researches, tests and many more.

Metaforms is a highly functioning Software as a Service that can adapt automatically and significantly reduce the data capturing time.

Metaforms solution for new Coronavirus 2019 tests:

In the current pandemic situation, using Metaforms is a productive way of gathering information from your EPRs, various data capturing, and efficient pipeline of needed information from test results.

The solution enables a secure exchange of nCoV test requests and test results between registered medical authorities and testing laboratories.

Once the laboratory receives a test request form, it performs the test and fills in a test results form, which goes straight and in a secure way into the requester’s Metaforms account.

Another feature that the software solution provides is fully customizable reporting. They can be visible only for one or for both parties – requesting medical authority and executing laboratory.

How it works:

  1. The medical authority fills in request form for nCoV test. Each form has a unique sample identification number. Then assigns the form to the testing laboratory of choosing.
  2. The laboratory receives test request as well as, the sample with the unique identification number connected to the test request form.
  3. They examine the sample and fills in the results in the test results form.
  4. The medical authority receives the results in its account.
  5. Both parties are able to analyze results data.

Solution’s use cases:

There are many advantages and beneficial features that Metaforms provides to its users. At this particular case, the main advantages that the solution provides can be found in the following use cases:

  • Secure online exchange of nCoV testing information between medical authority and testing laboratory. As the information is exchanged entirely online, only unique identification number marks the samples while being transported. All sensitive patient’s data is accessible only for the representatives of the medical authority and the testing laboratory with granted rights to access the information.
  • The patient can receive its results online in a pdf file, so there is no need to do unnecessary visits to the medical authority.
  • Another advantage of the Metaforms solution for nCoV tests is the capability for capturing RWD (real world data). The advanced reporting allows analizing of different segments by set criteria.

Reporting capabilities:

One of the key strengths of the reporting is the possibility to visualize statistical reports based on a specific data attribute. With other words, we can create different report views segmented by certain criteria. For example, we can prepare a statistics about COVID-19 infected patients by gender, age or location.

What is a dataset?

Datasets are created in the Metaforms Manager and represent groups of data points that help collecting and analyzing data for healthcare and clinical processes. They can consist of unlimited fields of different types such as string, date, number, etc.

Repeatable entities are also designed and used in forms to speed up the form building process and save time.

Datasets are essential for a customizable analytic layout where data results can be split and displayed in several reports.

Metaforms different scenarios:

Within the Metaforms Manager, one can create and manage multiple projects containing laboratory results and various report views.

Looking out of the context of Metaforms solution for Covid testing secure forms exchange: When having one laboratory conducting different lab tests, each one of them can be associated with a specific dataset and testing pipeline. This enables creating a smooth and orderly workflow.

Advantages of Metaforms:

This highly flexible software allows dynamic modeling in a simple and fast manner.

  • It can be accessed directly from the browser.
  • A medical or a clinical trial lead can reuse existing questions and form elements in further form creation.
  • The software allows conditional formatting by setting rules for showing or hiding form elements, pages, etc.
  • Creating groups and thus divide the roles and permissions of the people, who take part in the data collection process.
  • Anonymous access is another feature that is supported. It enables anonymous data collection, anonymous surveys, etc.
  • The system also enables voice typing, or in other words, requests can be navigated via voice input.
  • Data export and printing are a vital part of the Metaforms functionalities.
  • This powerful solution is focused on authentication and offers the opportunity for signing forms personally.
  • The best features of Metaforms allows designing fillable forms exclusively as per one’s requirements and preferences.

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